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Critiques du Promo 2006

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Écrite par Solitarywolf le 26 juin 2006 sur

I will start by saying that this is a very good self-released promo and that the band NIFHLEIM has a lot of talent.


1-Les Trilles: This is an acoustic intro to the Side A of the cassette. It very good and well performed by the band's guitarist, Neptune. The sound could have been much better because it is not 100% clean. On the other hand it adds someting dark to the atmosphere of the song. There are also some distorted guitar in the background of the beautiful melodies (think of Xasthur's Walker Of Dissonant Worlds). A good intro to the promo.

2-Haches De Guerres: A good song with raw influences maybe such as Carpathian Forest or Darkthrone. The drum is quite fast but there are no Blast Beats. It shows the talents of Niflheim's vocalist and drummer, Orion.
I like very much this song, some riffs reminds me of Darkthrone's Fucked Up And Ready to Die (but still being original). The vocals are good but not as the last song on this promo (which are INSANE)! This is a good song ended with a raw solo in the Euronymous way!


3-Mon Utopie: This song has a more evolved sound than Haches De Guerres and it is more original. More depressive elements and less rawness. Neptune's stunning riffs are excellent, I like very much his compositions. There is not much to say about this song except THE END. The end of this song just...kicks your ass. It's fucking insane! It begins with a detached notes riff without drum. The vocals are perfectly placed in the melody. And the songs ends up with the same riff but in a other picking and double bass drum.

4-Épitaphe: Another amazing song from this promo (or EP). It is just fuckin' good! The vocals are, as I said previously, INSANE. The Keyboard is also very inportant in this one and it adds something more ''epic''. When you will have heard this song you will understand...

For all fans of Xasthur, Burzum And atmospheric Black Metal. A good promo for the band Niflheim. For sure I will wait for their first album.